Ever-Changing Pool Cleaning Technology!

The pool water is required to have the proper level of chlorination, temperature, pH control and the high purity water. Pool cleaners are designed to collect the debris and sediment residuals from swimming pools to maintain its purity. In addition a pool cleaner cleans the scum gutters and hair strainers. It hoses, disinfects and scrubs the pool deck and diving platform.There are three main categories of pool cleaners, namely Manual and Automatic as well as Robotic.

Manual Cleaners are of Two types.

Telescoping Pole

They are long poles extending to reach your pool vac hose. The pole can be extended or shortened according to the distance you are aiming at covering. I know you are asking which brands of pool cleaners are best and why? Well here we have the manual option for you available in standard and professional sizes depending on all your needs. The cleaning pole length ranges from 7 to 21 ft fitted with an outer-locking cam and a thick hand grip.

Handheld Pool vacuum

With the handheld manual vacuum cleaner the operator is able to move it across the pool’s service which is similar to vacuuming the home floor. This handheld cleaner has no mechanical parts installed this means that it is a very cheap way of ensuring the pool filtration system is regularly improved.

The Automatic Cleaners are mainly Two Types.

Suction cleaners

They are connected to the filtration system water intake and they use the pool pump suction power to suck out any debris. One main thing to note when operating this type of pool cleaner is that the pool pump should be running during the whole process. This means that a lot of power (electricity) will be used as compared to other models of pool cleaners. This is attributed to the fact that they require filter cleaning more frequently.

It is highly recommended for pools with existing pumps and filters in general good condition. The operator also should be ready to clean the filters more often due to the fast accumulation of dirt to the unit.

Pressure Side Pool Cleaners

Pressure pool cleaners

This type of cleaner uses the pump’s power to power up their movement along the swimming pool surfaces. They operate under their own power with no collaboration with the swimming pool circulation system. To ease its movement around easily, it Is mounted on wheels. It is highly demanded since it comes with its own filter bags thus no need to frequently clean the pool filter. The addition of a booster pump to the pressure pool cleaner makes it more powerful.

One disadvantage though is the pressure cleaners are not able to scrub the pool surfaces same way as the other cleaners.

The cleaner is highly recommended for pools that have lots of large pieces of debris and huge amounts of dirt.

There are varieties of Robotic Pool Cleaners but Main feature of these type of cleaner is Hoseless and Programmable features.

Robotic pool cleaners

They are self-directed, with low voltage automatic pool vacuum. They work independently from the filter and pump driven by an electric motor installed inside the unit. It’s powerful in collecting the pool debris in a filter canister. The debris is collected within the cleaner meaning that it is self-contained. They have a built in intelligence system which helps them to evade the corner traps and steps at the same time proving a wide enough coverage as compared to other cleaners.

Popular brands under this category include: Maytronics, Hayward, Dolphin, Polaris and Aquabot among others.

Highly recommended for an above the ground type of pool which is not equipped with a skimmer basket since this machine will automatically clean the pool.

In addition there are a few In built Pool Cleaning features that cannot be ignored.

In-floor cleaning system

During the construction phase of the in-ground swimming pools the vacuum system is installed and jets are built into the bottom of the pool connecting to the return line. When the whole system is switched on the head pops up leading a high pressure swirl of water generated from the booster pump.

Perfect recommendation for this would be a luxurious in-ground swimming pool under construction since this cleaning system has to be installed during construction. However there is some additional budget for the installation of this cleaning system.

Anodized Deluxe Hand skimmer

If you are looking for a very super, efficient way of scooping large debris from your pool a hand skimmer is the nest option. This is best used between the maintenance and the cleaning sessions. It has the aluminum pole stretching up to nine feet with an adjustable handle to be able to reach the bottom of the pool well.

It is recommended since it’s a very strong and sturdy product to be able to reach debris such as leaves floating in the water.