Leaf Canisters are Friends Too

Leaf canisters help you as a friend in difficult situations in maintaining your pool. They prevent clogs by trapping the leaves into a special container or a basket during the water suction process. As the pool is located in a yard, there are many chances that there will be a lot of leaves and twigs floating on the surface.

You need to clean your pool every now and then to remove the leaves and other external materials in the water. However, you will be using suction pumps to pull the water out so you can refill after cleaning. This is where the leaf canister helps you. It filters all the dirt into a separate chamber or a container, so the water will not be clogged into the suction pipe.As the designing structure of leaf canisters are quite advanced, they can be attached or detached whenever as per your convenience. They not only filter the water but also help you in reducing the frequency of the pump running therefore a power saver, too. These canisters can be connected to any water pipe that is in usage and are not restricted only for pool cleaners.

Leaf Canisters are available with a special adaptor that can be attached or detached during the suction process of water through the pipe. This in-turn will help in lowering the motor maintenance as it is reducing the load on the pumping motor that will definitely save you lot of money and make your outside maintenance hassle free. Though it looks like a small device, it really works great.

Types of Leaf Canisters

There are multiple types and options of leaf canister models. Each has its own purpose, usage and benefits.

Suction Side Pool Cleaner – Leaf Canister

This leaf canister helps in improving the performance and filtering of the side pool cleaner vacuum suction process. Fixing this canister into your vacuum system is pretty easy and it works as an instant solution for a hassle free pool cleaning. The container capacity to hold leaves and heavy dust is huge so you just need to clean the filter tank twice or thrice in the entire pool cleaning process.


Though this type of Leaf canister works great in cleaning large pools, due to enormous performance and filtering process, it makes the suction a bit tight as the resistance in the vacuum pipe is built too high.

Pressure Side Pool Cleaner – Leaf Canister

This leaf canister does the same work as it the side suction cleaner. However, this works in a reverse direction. The canister will filter the water and oversees that the pool has clean water. There might be chances that the water is pulled from an overhead tank to the pool and at times there might be leaves and dirt in the water that has entered the tank. With this leaf canister, the water gets filtered and the pool gets clean water.


The main challenge is it reduces the water pressure too much as the overhead tank water flow does not have more force, hence the water flow will be less and take a bit of extra time than the usual water filling time frame.

Robotic Side Pool Cleaner – Leaf Canister

The leaf canister for robotic pool cleaners makes the robotic vacuum much more efficient. Due to the wide structural design of a robotic side pool cleaner, the rate of collecting leaves and debris is high and it needs external help to prevent the vacuum suction from halting and multiple cleaning sessions of the dirt collection. As the robotic leaf canister is specially equipped to filter huge amounts of dirt and leaves, it will help you clean the pool quicker and makes your work hassle free as well.


The robotic leaf canister is a bit heavier than the regular ones and that reduces the crawling speed of the vacuum cleaner. This robotic leaf canister restricts the robotic vacuum to stay on the ground which needs to be detached for climbing on the walls of the pool.

As you have seen, different kinds of leaf canisters and their challenges when put in real time practice, you don’t need to use these canisters during the summer season and the spring season as there won’t be as many leaves falling in these seasons in most cases. The water flow should be smooth in the hot seasons as the evaporation rate, as well as the need for pool cleaning frequencies, too, are higher than during other weather conditions.

These leaf canisters are available in different sizes from small to large sized canisters that support multiple sized vacuum pipes & pump hoses. You need to refer to the Product Manual of the pool cleaner you are using in order to choose the right leaf canister for your pool.