Polaris 9550 Sport Robotic In-Ground Pool Cleaner Review

polaris 9550 sport robotic in-ground pool cleaner review

Polaris 9550 sport Robotic in-ground pool cleaner review

This review highlights the features of Polaris 9550 sport 4WD, which is considered the best Robotic pool cleaner by many users. This research is based on user experience, keeping in mind that the decision to own a Pool cleaner is something that should be based on the needs instead of the brand popularity, to give you the real insights.

What is a Robotic Pool Cleaner?

A robotic pool cleaner generally refers to an automatic pool cleaner with self-directed independent “set and forget” features without the support of any system other than power. This is one of the 3 main types of automatic pool cleaners available for cleaning pools and it is considered as the best option, because of its ability to leave a neat pool without the messy hoses all over.

How does “Robotic cleaners” operate?

The Robotic Pool Cleaner works on Electricity 110/120v and it doesn’t need any assembling work as it comes assembled. It is just a matter of connecting the cables, setting up the system and putting it in the water to begin. This doesn’t use a booster pump. In the case of Polaris 9550, there is also an option for a remote control to just point and click to clean specific areas in addition to many other unique features with a control unit that comes with the cleaner.

polaris 9550 control unit

Control Unit

polaris 9550 programmed control unit

Control unit after programming

Control unit: This is mounted on its caddy or a wall. You need to connect the cable that connects the control unit to the wall power outlet and also another cable that connects control unit to the cleaner. Programmable features covers selection of days, debris level, surface options (floor,walls,water line only, floor and walls) pool design (rectangle or free shape) starting time, work time all with 7 different Programmable options. You can see the related buttons in the picture here.
Remote Control: Lifting by pressing a button and movement by just moving the remote front, right and left. You can find a demonstration in the video below in this review.

polaris 9550 with remote controller

Polaris 9550 with Remote Controller

polaris 9550 remote controller

Remote Controller

Capacity of Polaris 9550

Pool Types:

The Polaris Robotic pool cleaners are equipped with Aqua-Trax tires that could work on all “in- ground” surfaces including, Concrete, Tile, Fiberglass, Gunite, vinyl etc. It can also work in curved wall pools. We also noted that it could be pre -programed for pool shapes other than square/rectangle which is free shape.
Although these cleaners are typically intended for use in “in-ground” swimming pools it could also work in “in-ground” spas.
You can also put it to work on pools with a solar cover, as the programmable feature allows bottom-only settings which will ensure cleaning just half way up the wall.

It can also work in salt water environments.

Pool Size

It covers up to 60 ft. in length which is very close in length to a “Short course” Olympic size pool. The unique Active-Motion Sensor Technology provides navigation intelligence that helps the cleaner know the areas to be covered.

Dirt and Debris

The “Vortex Vacuum” technology which is a unique feature of the sport model enables quick handling of all kind of debris from dust to even large debris such as algae, leaves, nuts etc. It also cleans floor, walls, and scrubs tile line with pleated scrubbing brush. It has an ultra fine sand and silt filter which is very strong. It is sufficient in most cases. If there are large branches they will go to skimmer and you can just manually remove them by hand if necessary from the skimmer.
• The Polaris 9550 comes with a General Purpose convenient top access canister which has also over 3 times the capacity of other robotic pool cleaners.

Climbing Stairs

The Polaris 9550 has a powerful propulsion system which gives enormous power to the cleaner to pick up debris from tight corners around stairs. It can also handle spacious stairs like such as the wide ones where some would keep their chairs to sit and relax. The normal stairs although could be handled by the cleaner as demonstrated in the video, it may require your manual intervention to some extent but it is just a weekly requirement in many cases.

This propulsion system also enables it to work like a sweep hose, pushing the debris towards the drain.


The Polaris 9550 Robotic pool cleaner has 7 programmable options. This is very useful when you take a short vacation and when you don’t intend to take it out of the pool for a few days. You can set the program up to 7 days.

Motion-Sensing allows the cleaner to stay away from moving objects.

You also can press a button either from the Control Unit or from the Remote controller to bring the cleaner to the water level along one of the side walls which enables you to pull it out when needed.

Climbing Walls

This robotic cleaner cleans walls in addition to floors. It also can be programmed to cover halfway up the tile above the water level.

Cleaning Cycles

It can clean the pool within 3 hours. But the ideal setting for the cleaning cycle is 1.5 hours if you are setting it up for 7-Days.

Special Features of Polaris 9550

  • The cord could get twisted while cleaning. But it goes along with the unit and untangles it in due course.
  • This robotic pool cleaner has a hand held remote controller.
  • This also has a caddy and caddy mounted control unit.
  • It has a power connection unit in the caddy but with weather resistant features, so you don’t have to worry about it getting caught in the rain.
  • It doesn’t require grounding as it’s double insulated.
  • The simple button operated retrieval feature is a unique system of this pool cleaner.
  • As mentioned above it has a 7 day programmable cleaning cycle. Although it has to be re programmed every week and when there is a power cut, it is very useful and could save a lot of time.
  • We also noted that the canisters of 9550, 9450, and 9350 are interchangeable.

General Tips

The following list could help you clear any doubts you may have about this unit::

  • If the canister is not clean it will not stick to the wall very well. You should clean the canister whenever you remove the debris from it. You can just clean it with just a hose using even low power.
  • The canister is good enough to capture all debris. But if you want you also can by other canister to catch the finer debris.
  • It is important to have the Remote option. The 6′ power cord for the outlet may not enable you to place the caddy near the pool to operate the control unit, without an additional cord. This is important for the lift function and very useful if you are not using remote.
  • Also you need to spend a little time with the remote as it takes a while to get used to it.
  • The timer unit has two options with “wall” and “no wall” feature.Selecting additional time on normal days ensures complete cleaning of the floor.
  • When you program for 7 days, please note that in case of too much dirt it could clog the filter.
  • You should realize that if it doesn’t climb properly that the filter must be full.
  • It can occasionally get twisted, but it is not a big deal if you handle it with care. You should untangle the cord after every use. It also automatically untangles while in water. You also can use the remote to turn it around in the water itself to release the cord. Alternatively you could also untangle it when you take it out of the water, after unplugging the cord. It is important to wrap it after unwinding the cord when it is out of the water and put it on the cart for storage.
  • It has a lightweight plastic cart. You need to treat it with care by storing it in a clean and secured place.
  • You need to remove the excess air from the cleaner while putting the cleaner into the water. You can do it by turning this cleaner upside down for a moment until the air bubbles stops. This technique will ensure the robotic pool cleaner to sink well into the pool.
  • While lifting it out of the water make sure to drain the water first.

Ease of Handling

This Robot with the sand filter could do 95{fdbdf2d2333acaa60d1c5ea59a01c10bc717978670a098b42577d5ea07e548f6} of the work. If the pool is too dirty after the winter you could put it on multiple cycles of one and half hours (2 or 3 times) and you will have a clean pool within few hours.

  • The various programming features for specific days and times as well as for tasks are great time savers if you put them to use wisely.

  • It is easy to wind up the cords while in the pool or when you take it out.
  • The cart/caddy is a very useful “add on” for proper storage of the pool cleaner.
  • It cleans without any intervention even after a long winter period as it catches algae very well.
  • The top access makes the debris clearing process much easier. This top access system is much easier than the popular more expensive robots in the market. It works so well, you will be glad that you made the right decision like others who said the same.
  • It is fast at picking up all debris and it will grab everything from the pool.
  • Some people have commented that it navigates on the ledge up the steps without any issues.
  • The 70′ power cable floats, so it stays out of the way of the unit, and generally stays untangled.
  • Some have commented that they really like the cart as it makes it is easy in many respects, and you don’t have to pay anything extra to have it.
  • The power lift system is a great feature. When you are done cleaning, you push a button and the Polaris 9550 rises to the surface. Let the water drain into your pool before pulling the cleaner out of the water as it makes it less heavy. You will find that it is easily even for anyone.(Please see a demonstration at the end in the video above)

Design of Polaris 9550

This is US designed next generation technology with the amazing features. All these combined gives you a hands free robot that is designed to save time for a really enjoyable summer.

  • Cleaning: Dirty canister indicator, Suction intake for large debris, Top access filter canister makes life easy, Rear jet stream propulsion enables reaching tough to reach areas with oscillating solid brushes.
  • Programmable: Facilitates a programmable customized cleaning, supported by a new Modern Style caddy with easy lifting features of the pool cleaner that is equipped with Active Motion Sensor Technology.
  • Fast & Efficient: Proprietary Vortex Vacuum technology supported by Aqua-Trax energy efficient tires for all pool surfaces with 70 feet cables to support a 60 feet pool which is more than 75{fdbdf2d2333acaa60d1c5ea59a01c10bc717978670a098b42577d5ea07e548f6} length of a “Short course” Olympic pool size pool.

Accessories for Polaris 9550

There are a few options available on the canisters:

  • R0535900 General Purpose Canister (Ultra-fine Sand/Silt Canister)
  • R0517800 Fine Sand/Silt Canister (filters about 100 microns)
  • R0535800 Sand/Silt Canister (filters about 60 microns)
  • Leaf Canister also available but the above will do a good job
  • You need to replace the entire control unit if the cable connecting the wall outlet to control unit is damaged. Part number for this is R0588300.
  • You can replace the cable only, if the cable connecting the Control unit to the cleaner is damaged. The part number for this is R0528700 (Floating Cable).

Weight & Dimensions

  • Package: Weight: 44.8 pounds
    Dimensions: 22” x 22” x 22”
    Product Weight all including the cart: 43.6 pounds
  • Pool cleaner weight: 16 pounds
    2-year Manufacturer Warranty

polaris 9550 ranking

We have a number of reviews in this site. But this is our Number #1 Pool cleaner for the reasons given below.


7 days Programmable gives you full control over daily cleaning schedule it saves a lot of time and hassle.
The smart lift system together with the transport caddy, with the remote and the control unit, this robotic pool cleaner lives by its name by making users life easy to get in and out of the pool.
Cleans around steps and walls. It also climbs high walls with ease as it has a compact design.
Reaches the tiles even above the water level.
It comes with strong filter and top access canister that can normally hold a lot and up to 7 days of debris.
It is quiet and it doesn’t need a booster pump or any settings on valves etc.


Short power cord, only 6 feet, but could manage with an extension code or the remote.
Takes a little longer to deploy as it has a programmable feature.
Rolling the 70′ floating cable is a little inconvenient for some but this is common issue with other cleaners as well as you need to roll either the cord or the hose.

Price of Polaris 9550

polaris 9550 sport robotic in-ground pool cleaner
The price is comparably low than the other Robotic pool cleaners with limited features in the market. As it is a durable (with many commenting on over 7 years of usage) the price is very reasonable. Besides the Polaris name has a great reputation and well trusted in the industry. I highly recommend this pool cleaner and it also has a super quick shipping! If you buy from Amazon. This Polaris 9550 is worth every penny and it cleans floor, walls and around steps giving great free time for your summer enjoyment.

Polaris 9550 sport Robotic in-ground pool cleaner