Robotic vs Suction Pool Cleaners

Either its summer (or) winter, your pool needs maintenance the whole year. But when you are looking for the pool cleaners online, you probably find many and wondering which is the best one that suits your needs.

There are basically 2 kinds of pools cleaners namely Robotic and Suction. However, people often get confused which one is a better option for a long duration and efficient cleaning device. So, we have written a piece of explanation in comparing these both types and by the time you reach the conclusion, you’ll have a better idea on which is better for your pool.

Suction Pool Cleaners

Suction type is mainly about accessibility. When you’re using these suction cleaners, you actually don’t need to brush, skin and vacuum the pool by you individually. You just need to fix some of the things before the operation, which saves your time and energy on a weekend during the cleaning session.

There are basically two different kinds of suction pool cleaner. Both are given below.

Suction-side cleaner

Suction-side cleaner is usually attached to a hose to the circulation system of your pool which strains the water to the filter and the pool skimmer. The cleaner moves around the bottom and sometimes up the walls vacuuming up debris and dirt. Usually for the pools that have a lot of dust, leaves and other small debris are better to choose a suction pool cleaner.

Little tip: Just a little attachment of a leaf canister might actually do the trick if you’re dealing with cleaning the leaves, twigs and some small nuts which prevents the hose from blocking during the cleaning session.

Pressure-side cleaners

The Pressure-side cleaners usually clean both the pool bed as well as walls by it itself and has the special pre-equipped filter that makes the cleaner efficient. The special pump is required to give pressure for this cleaner and is usually used to clean larger and deeper pools. Pressure-side cleaner is expensive than the suction-side cleaner.

The major setback for suction cleaners is that, they use more energy and pool cleaning chemical which makes the regular cleaning maintenance little expensive.

Now let’s take a look at the Robotic Pool Cleaner.

Robotic Pool Cleaners

These robotic cleaners do not need any assistance or supervision during the operation. You just need to sit back and watch the cleaning of your pool like a picture playing in live in front of you. Robotic cleaner does all the cleaning work automatically by itself which saves lot of your valuable time during weekends while you can give the quality time to your family and kids.

As the pool cleaners are very smart in their work, they are quite efficient in cleaning which usually lacks in suction pool cleaner. However, the major drawback is, you need to invest a lot of money into buying the cleaner at the initial stage itself. There are other advantages and functioning of the robotic cleaner like it saves time, energy, pumps the water soon and even use less pool leaning chemicals.

Robotic Pool Cleaner is expensive and needs a lot of one time investment which makes this pool cleaner to be chosen less for the household pool cleaning purpose.

Robotic vs. Suction Pool Cleaner

As you have seen what both kind of pool cleaners can do to your pool and their efficiencies. Each pool cleaner has its own pros and cons. Though the suction pool cleaner needs little extra time and more cleaning maintenance, the pool cleaner is well within in the budget and is sufficient for a household pool cleaning purpose whereas the Robotic Pool Cleaner can be used if you don’t want to get involved in manual setup yet want to have a powerful cleaner for the large and frequent debris. This also makes the maintenance economical during the multiple cleaning sessions within the small time frames. If you need further information please visit the comparison page in this site as the information given in this table could help you to make the right decision.