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Welcome to the domain of The Pool Prince, a “Pool Cleaner

Reviews” site backed by Solid Research and Real Facts.

I am sure you are in the same page with me when I say that a Pool is meant for Rest and Relaxation (R & R).

But we also know many of us have our own struggles with managing a one that is challenging the very reason they exist.

Here are the 6 Cool Steps (Which I call the 6 Sigma of “Pool Management”) you need to take, to get the maximum benefit from this site which could help you not only in the real R & R but also Fun and Enjoyment in the process, thanks to the breakthroughs in the modern technology from all dimensions.

Know YOURSELF First.

MMh! Is this a Life Coaching Program?.

Hold On!  Do you to want a Great R & R, the way you want it? If Yes! then just follow me.

  1. Know your level of willingness to get involved for cleaning.
  2. Know your willingness to get involved in setup and trouble shooting.
  3. Know the maximum time at disposal for these involvements.
  4. Know your adaptability for change in terms of getting exposed to new technologies.
  5. Last but not least, Know, your capacity to spend.

Don’t worry, Have an attitude that everything is possible if God willing, Just be honest to yourself and decide on the above facts first.

Know Your POOL.

It is important to check;

  1. The Type; In-Ground or Above Ground
  2. Whether it has an additional Booster pump for returning water or just a suction pump only.
  3. Length of the farthest edge from the Suction port or the Wall Fitting of the return lines in the cases where you are using the booster pump.
  4. The type of surface you have, Tile, Gunite, Fiber Glass, Vynile etc.
  5. The environment and level of Leaf, Algae, Debris and how often it needs to be cleared etc.

Know “THE POOL PRINCE” In and Out!

The Site powers the readers with 2 main kinds of posts.

  1. Informational BLOG Posts on the Topic.
  2. Unbiased REVIEWS on useful “Pool Cleaners” available in the market.

Informational posts would be helpful if you want to learn some backgrounds and tips on the topic.

Review posts would be helpful if you want to read a review of one that you think of buying.

For example if you don’t have much time and spending a lot of time on travelling it is better check to the programmable Robotic Cleaner with a Remote option. You can read our review

If you want to spend the minimum and can spend a some time checking and monitoring the cleaner then you could read

If you want an efficient one at low cost, then you could see our review on

If you want a powerful Cleaner then you should check

If you want to compare in a Table all the “Pool cleaners” we have reviewed in this site, then you should visit

This COMPARISON page lists all against their features.


  1. Read the Info Blog Posts if you see a topic that you would like to learn about.
  2. Send us a Message through CONTACT form.
  3. Feel Free to request any research on any useful topic. We have a Team of research nerds and would love to do one and publish it here absolutely at Free of cost for everyone’s benefit.
  4. Don’t hesitate to warn us if you find anything that is, in your opinion is wrongly published in this site.
  5. Help us to Help you by making this this site better. Keep your suggestions coming.


  1. If you find something interesting just pin the image of the post in your Pinterest so that you have a way of getting reminded to revisit whenever you want to refer it.
  2. Share anything useful in this site in your Facebook and other social medias. Just Spread the Love and people will be glad you did and in return they too will share other useful information that they come across.


  1. Visit the COMPARE page and try to find a close match with your needs and preferences.
  2. If you find anything that could make your life better Hit the Buy Button. If the Stock is available Don’t waste your time Grab it immediately.

Because, It is NO GOOD to Delay the GOOD.

Because, Taking Action is the only way to get you a better life!

and Because, you have decided what is the best for you.

So BUY and ENJOY!.