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Here is a Quick Snap shot of all the Pool Cleaners for your easy reference.
You can filter by Typing the Brand name or sort it by clicking on the column headers.
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ModelsMax Lenth Hose/CodeDebris ControlPower TypeClimbs Walls?Cleans Steps?Durability (Avr. Yrs)Avr Cost($)/YearRatingKey Remarks
Polaris Sport 9550 In-g70 'Very HighElectrical-RobotYesPoor5<2004.5Optional - Remote
Hayward 500 Aqua Bug Above-g32 'MediumSuction-AutoYesFair4<5044 Versions-Bug, Dave,Whale,Critter
Polaris 280 F5 In-g30 'HighPressure-AutoYesFair7<1504Optional-Black,White
Polaris 280 In-g Tank Trax30"Very HighPressure-AutoYesGood7<2004.25Good for Corners
XtremepowerUS In-g Above-g Kreepy Krauly32'MediumSuction-AutoYesPoor1<1004Simple Tech, Easy repair
Hayward 4x In-g Poolvergnuegen 33 'MediumSuction-AutoYesPoor5<1504Optional-Blue,White
Hayward 2x In-g Poolvergnuegen 40 'HighSuction-AutoYesFair5<1004Optional-Blue,White

Brief Explanation of Pool Cleaner Comparison Column Headings

Debris Control

Medium: Cannot handle very large leaves and debris
High: Handles very large leaves and debris
Very High: Handles large leaves and debris as well as carries a very large a Debris Bag.

Power Type

Suction – Auto: Suction side connection with Automatic Cleaning
Pressure-Auto: Pressure side connection with Automatic Cleaning, may require a booster pump
Electrical-Robot Electrical power, no booster pump required and Weekly Programmable features

Steps Cleaning

Poor: Cannot clean steps
Fair: Able to Climb Steps but may not clean properly
Good: Able to climb steps and Able to handle hard corners


Average Number of years it could work without much problem

Average Cost / Year

(Price + Maintenance Cost ) / Average Number of Years it could operate

Abbreviations (Which also could be used for Search in the above Search Box)

In-g: In-Ground Swimming Pools
Above-g: Above-Ground Swimming Pools